Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love in the Air, and a New Look

Love is in the Air!

Hello world! Today, many are celebrating (or perhaps even protesting) Valentine's Day. What a great topic on which to focus - love! Love is most certainly worth celebrating. Today, whether or not you have a "special someone," know that there is One who sees you as special, and He is worth celebrating.

The New Look

Also, as you may have noticed, our website looks quite a bit different. The previous site was great...for 10 years ago. We hope that this edition will serve you well for a few years into the future. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets increasing, we made sure that it will work well on those types of devices, too. If you aren't already on one, try accessing the site from one, and you'll see that much of the content here will readjust on its own! (You can even shrink this window down to see the effect)

More importantly, we want to make it worth your while to be here. Have a look at some of the different pages to see what's included. Want to listen to a recent sermon? Not sure when the next group meeting takes place? Need access to a Bible study series? Over time, we will make adjustments to what you see here, but if you have any suggestions, our inbox is open.

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