Our mission is to glorify God by imitating Christ and to help others do the same.

We hope to do this through:

Spiritual Development

  • Each member grows in his/her knowledge of God and trust in him. 
  • Each member grows in his/her Biblical perspective on life. 
  • Each member grows in his/her dependence on and submission to God as exercised in prayer and obedience.

Relationship Development

  • Each member develops a relationship with another disciple to give and receive encouragement, guidance, accountability and support.

Active, Effective Evangelism

  • Each member is involved in helping someone to become a Christian.

Benevolence and Service

  • Each member sacrifices time, effort, and resources to help the needy, both locally and internationally.

Life Role Training

  • Each member grows more competent in his/her life roles such as spouse, parent, employee, student, or manager of one’s own personal finances. These goals focus us individually and collectively on growing toward maturity in Christ as we sacrificially participate in the activities of the Church.